About Bruce Brotherton


A man asleep in a chair.

Looks like you caught me sleeping.

Man with face shield and mask in front of whiteboard.

There that is better, gotta make sure you’ve got your mask on when you go outside. Honestly, I think masks are interesting and they show you a bit of personality that you don’t get out of regular clothes.

Man outside smiling.

But here is my awake face. Anyway.

Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Hi, I’m Bruce Brotherton - a bit odd, maybe. That’s a lie, I’m as normal as they come. But really I want to welcome you to whatever this page becomes. I have a lot of interests and passions with a career in Web Development.

You might be curious why I went with a theme for my website instead of “making it from scratch” because time and energy are things I don’t want to expend troubleshooting bugs. And to be honest I think the 2020 Wordpress theme is pretty dope. You can give me some internet points because this is actually a Hugo Theme.

I also am a 3d artists, that you can see more about on my Projects page. I am 100% ready to talk about the finer points in 3d films.

Shank from Wreck it Wralph rolling up sleeves

Like this shot right here had me up out of my seat because of the cloth simulation that Shank does like it’s no big deal. Blew my mind.

Right now it is a hobby (that I have a Bachelor Degree from Full Sail in) but I would be thrilled to turn it into a side hustle.

Thinking of side hustles though, I also sell T-shirts on Tee-public and Redbubble some of the ideas are silly and niche but I’m happy if it supports my WoW subscription.

Drawing of hands holding a mug that says “Coffe Grounds Me” above it.