Firearms Planner

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A planner that lets you track your mood as a firearm featuring:

  • A mood tracker where you pick what gun you feel like in the morning. Anyone who has played Call of Duty or used a firearm knows the temperament of a UZI verses a Sniper.
  • An energy tracker so you can see what your at from day to day.
  • A gratitude log to keep your head on straight
  • A bullsh*t tracker so you can keep tabs on what your boss needs you to do today.
  • A time tracker in case you have something that needs to get taken care of at a specific time.
  • A water tracker so you keep yourself in top performance
  • A caffeine tracker, because you are a responsible man and won’t consume more than 400mg of caffeine in a day and keep your heart healthy.
  • A high-five tracker because, if it doesn’t sting a little it doesn’t count.

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