Prayer Journal and Planner

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Thank you for checking out this planner and prayer journal. I hope this book helps with your communion with the Lord as He helps you through each day.

On each page, a small Rosary at the top, with five circles inside that you can mark off as you go through each decade. A prayer list is on the left to help you focus on your intentions while you pray. Next, an area where you can write down what you thank the Lord for this day. Lastly, in that first column is today’s verse to help you reflect on the Lord’s word. You can provide your own verse or use the QR code below to find one. If you are not feeling 100%, copying today’s verse will be more than enough. A to-do list is on the right to help you bring your goals to mind and what you will need to accomplish this day.

On the opposite page, a more granular daily plan is available where you can write down tasks and events you want to accomplish at specific times. At the bottom of the page is a “Night” section where things are typically a bit more chaotic. Write down things you want to get done or notes that don’t fit in the other areas.

There are QR codes you can scan to help. One is to find the verse of the day. The other has the Glorious Mysteries and how to pray the Rosary.

God Bless

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