Rambling Art

A Journey Begins

There is a lot to do

I have started this blog in order to give myself an outlet for creative projects and things I found interesting on the internet. Also something to give me a long format to talk about things. I will mostly be vomiting words onto the page and not proofreading or editing them. So this will be as raw as you’ll probably get from me. I hope I can make sense through it all.

I want to explore CG, Web Development, and Game Development/Design here. Currently I am only qualified for Web Development though I have a degree in Computer Animation. There is a lot for me to do and a lot to learn before I can really do any of it.

My First Render

The heading image here is my first image from trying to learn Architectural Visualization. I watched How to Make Interiors in Blender (Tutorial) by the Blender Guru. And like, it looks kinda cool but in reality it is beginners work, and that is what I am at this point. Maybe an advanced beginner. I know a lot of the software but, producing production quality results is beyond me.

I think if I ever get to a point where I can do this for a living it will be important to look back at this and see where I’ve started. Honestly, If you wanted my true beginnings, you can see my 2008 Demo Reel on YouTube. It is still probably my best work. Though I have to admit that I did work in the industry for about 9 months doing Archvis. However, I was young and didn’t know what I was really doing. I feel like I have a better understanding of it and what quality results look like and I’m excited to get there one day.

Working on this Website

This website has never been a priority for me and I don’t know if it will even now that I have a CMS set up. I am going to give it an honest shot though. I don’t like using social media for my thoughts very much. A website has always been my preferred outlet. Character restrictions and having an algorithm randomly show what I said to whomever is unsettling. However, I am enjoying it so far and I think that once I get around learning Hugo a bit better and interfacing with how this theme is set up I’ll be more apt to using it. I really just want to make my homepage a page and not my blog posts. Maybe I shouldn’t? Who know.

Did you know I want to write a Novel

And who doesn’t?! Right? I have like three ideas in my head and I would like to get them on paper. Even if I only share them with family I think they are cool stories that would be enjoyable to write and read. Maybe, one day I’ll figure it out and sit down to write them.

Lets make a video game

My childhood best friend and I have always had the dream of making our own video game and even found a gaming studio. Sadly we both went to Full Sail for Computer Animation and he later got a degree in Computer Science while I depended on my dabbling with websites in the 90s to support me (so far so good!). We hope to one day come back around to getting a game studio going. I am confident I can make the 3d art for it. But I am pretty sure I’m going to need to depend on him to actually program the thing.

That’s all for now

I think that will be enough for today. I am tired of writing and I have an actual job to attend to so I will get to it. Thanks for reading this far. Here is the music I was listening to this whole time.